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Drivers, it's really not that hard

I am constantly amazed at the ignorance and outright laziness of Canadian drivers. Yes, we could be worse, but we could also be much, much better.

Case in point, I see people constantly turning left, and swinging out into the right lane, or turning right, and swinging out into the left lane.

The rules really are not that hard to understand, and given the implications at an intersection with traffic coming from all directions, if you violate the rules, you're a idiot. Either you're too dumb to remember the rules, and can't figure out how, in this connected day and age, to look them up, or you simply don't care about the rules. And given the rules are there to not only keep me and my children alive, but also you, then yes, you're an idiot.

Kinda like not bothering to signal. What, lever too far away? Can't be bothered to be safe while sharing the road with me, and my two beautiful children? Then you shouldn't be driving. Idiot.

I'm very tempted to drive with a dash cam at all times, and post the worst offenders on youtube. Granted, we all have idiot moments, and sometimes it's me, but it's the consistent idiots I'm interested in.

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