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Customizing Awesome

As I mentioned previously, I'm currently running Awesome on my netbook. While I added suspend on lid close, I still need to customize the crap out of it. I had nothing showing me my current battery status, so I searched around to find the appropriate lua code, a language that I'm still picking up.

So, I hacked my $HOME/.config/awesome/rc.lua and added this:

-- {{{ Battery state

-- Initialize widget
batwidget = widget({ type = "textbox" })
baticon = widget({ type = "imagebox" })

-- Register widget
vicious.register(batwidget, vicious.widgets.bat,
    function (widget, args)
        if args[2] == 0 then return ""
            baticon.image = image(beautiful.widget_bat)
            return "<span color='white'>".. args[2] .. "%</span>"
    end, 61, "BAT0"

-- }}}

And then added the widget to the top of my screen. I was warned on the awesome mailing list (the name does confuse the english language) that I had to be careful where to put it, since the tasklist is greedy and will take all available space.

mywibox[s].widgets = {
        layout = awful.widget.layout.horizontal.leftright
    s == 1 and mysystray or nil,
    baticon.image and separator, batwidget, baticon or nil,
    separator, mytasklist[s],
    layout = awful.widget.layout.horizontal.rightleft

And, it works. Now I need a system load, cpu load, etc. And I should hack the keybindings, although I'm getting used to the default ones. Maybe update the default layout since I prefer maximized layout.

Comments !