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I sit too much

Yeah, I really do. From my childhood I always prefered more intellectual activities than active ones, reading, watching movies, tv. Growing up asthmatic had something to do with that, but I overcame it later in life and had no excuses anymore. Still, studies to do, computers to play with, digital bad guys to beat up, and a lot of my activities involved sitting.

I played baseball as a kid, got into Tae kwon Do in my late teens, but as a University student I couldn't afford the money to continue, and I moved a lot for a while. I was never much of a runner, but for a while I was a damn good cyclist because I didn't have a car and it was how I got around.

In recent years a back injury made it clear that I sit too much, and I've tried various things to try to fix it, usually charging in too fast, determined to conquer the problem and I ended up with another injury. I needed to figure out how to go slower, targeting my problems and not doing too much, but making progress.

Recently the wife that I don't deserve found Athlete365 and Mr. John Sokolowski. He looked at my flexibility and strength, or lack thereof, and has put together an evolving program to help me fix them, at a speed that won't set me back with another injury. He also gave me some tools to help with muscles that keep me awake at night, ruining my sleep. He also thinks that I should become a Yoga master. Heh...sure John. Maybe in 20 years of practice. I'm right on that.

I've also been tweaking my diet, not that my diet was bad, but I recently found out about some of the evils of excessive carbohydrates, from an amusing documentary, Fat Head, a response to "Supersize Me". Since reducing bread (not hard, I have a gluten tolerance issue), rice and potatoes in my diet, and exercising more, I've lost about ten pounds in the past couple of months.

My issues aren't gone by any means, I have a lot of work to do, but guidance helps. There's a difference between working hard and working smart. Previously, I was just working hard.

If you've read this sitting down, get up and move around. Trust me.

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