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New blog

So I decided to dump Wordpress and go to something that I have more control over. I was thinking of building my own static blogging system, but I looked around and found that there are a few already. Being a fan of Python I decided to try out Pelican. It uses a bunch of technology that I would use anyway, like reStructuredText, Jinja2, etc.

It also gives me an excuse to play with Heroku for hosting. Which, I must say, is pretty cool for getting a website or web service hosted quickly, with nothing but a push from Git to trigger the publishing of the site.

Granted, Heroku was meant to host dynamic sites driven by WSGI apps, but I found a great hack to fool Heroku into running a static site.

So, we'll see how this goes. My main blogging tools now are Vim and Git, so how can I go wrong?

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